Thursday, January 06, 2011

B Tortured: High heels wanted

What happens to a little kid when you tell them they can't have something? They want it more...

Here I am crutching around missing heels more than ever. With my days being occupied by movies and napping I tend to find myself frequently visiting my favorite department stores online lusting after the shoes I can't wear at the moment. All the new arrivals are the newest Spring collections and I'm counting down to the times of pedicure and blisters again.

The things we women do for fashion is worth it right? I am sticking to my story that my New Year's Eve ensemble wouldn't have been the same without 4 inch heels. So until I get to re-shape my foot with too high of heels again I'll keep looking at these that caught my eye.

What can you not stay away from this season?

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Suede Peep Toe -$275
2. Miu Miu Linen Ankle Strap -$495
3. Givenchy Corinne Woven Wedges -$1,190
4. Kate Spade Clara wedge -$250
5. Miu Miu Platform Jewel heel -$895

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