Monday, February 21, 2011

B Capped: Toe cap flats

Do you ever get into a habit of buying the same item over and over? It may not be the exact same top but somehow you look at your closet and there is just one style in every possible color. It's a bad habit of mine but once I find something worthy I can't help that it catches my eye. I first spotted the Kate Spade tipsy flat months ago from their Spring look book (here) and cap toes have been on my brain for Spring. While the Tipsy flats aren't available for purchase online yet and my time to travel to the mall has been limited I have found other looks similar.

I love the tangerine capped toe from J Crew which was my weekend impulse purchase. Along with other looks, capped toes are going to flood my Spring closet because you better believe Ill be grabbing those Tipsy flats asap!


Nicole Marie said...


Mattie said...

Love all of these. As Nicole said...need!

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