Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B Messy: French bun how-to

It seems funny we are looking for lessons to mess up our hair but sometimes you need to get dirty. I pinned this bun picture (here) last week as I fell in love with the high level and unstructured bun. Luckily I later came across this how-to from Experience PARISENNE that gives us step by step to get that signature French women bun. It's on my list of things to master before my trip to Europe this Summer. No one needs to know that its on the list before learn the language, hair first speech second.
  1. Make your hair dirty. Don't wash it, spray it, add product. Choose one.
  2. Gather all hair straight up and twist
  3. Wrap hair around top of head forming a bun
  4. Pin bun with bobby pins around, enough to be secure but still loose
  5. Pull out strands around frame of face to keep it messy

Photos by Anna Wolf

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