Wednesday, February 02, 2011

B Splurged: Valentine's Day gifts for men

As Valentine's Day is more than a week away it is the women who are planning out their gifts. Since we are planners I thought it'd be appropriate to share the men's gift guide first. There aren't too many men that love the holiday that requires them to give you flowers that will die or write a mushy love note so that is why I think the men should really get something they want on this day. Forget about what he needs and splurge on him so he will love to splurge on you.

1. Ben Minkoff Nicky Waxwear Messenger -$395
2. Michael Kors Black Stainless Steel Watch -$250
3. Jawbone Bluetooth Headset -$130
4. Lacoste Marlinglow Sneaker -$70
5. Jack Spade Bacon Money Clip -$65
6. W World Time Clock -$79
7. Silicone Ice Ball Maker -$12
8. Carrera Hots Aviator Sunglasses -$120


gtea said...

dude we need to get the bacon money clip for ross. BACON!

albina N muro said...

My younger son absolutely loves school. The other day, when he found out that there were only 9 days of school left, he burst into tears. He cried right there in front of the other students. gift cakes said...

It looks like a perfect combination. Thanks for reminding me.

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