Saturday, February 05, 2011

B Involved: So you're missing IFB Evolving Influence

Last New York Fashion Week I had the most amazing privilege to travel to New York and among other things attend Independent Fashion Blogger's Evolving Influence conference. A handful of experienced bloggers came from all over to give us their best advice (go here for the full post). Unfortunately due to my unfortunate foot situation I can't fit in the time to travel to hang with my favorite bloggers on the first day of NYFW. So here is my to do list for those that won't be making the event, like myself this year.

  • Prepare your twitter: My favorite part of attending Evolving influence last year was the excessive tweets I sent with quotes after quotes from speakers. To keep up at home you will want to save your hashtag searches so you can follow each tweet listed with #IFBcon. You may also double check now that you are following a handful of IFB members on twitter that will be attending the event in person so you can follow their experience first hand as well.
  • Bookmark the live stream: We do live in 2011 filled with live internet streaming so be sure you set your day aside, call in sick if you have to, to watch the event happen from anywhere. I have embedded the live stream down below so that you can watch it right here on Just B!
  • Ready, Set, Network: The great beauty of blogging is that we do our best networking online. Don't be discouraged that by missing the event you will be left out. Watching the live stream and keeping up with tweets will help you connect with new bloggers on twitter as well as be interested in leaving engaging comments on their blog posts after the conference.
  • Design business cards: No, you won't be there to handout your business card but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have them! You never know when a opportunity will surprise you and you'll be on your next plan to NYC to hang with your favorite bloggers. Take the time to design a business card you'd be proud to hand out and will get you noticed by fellow bloggers.
Be sure to follow me on twitter @brookeandersen this Thursday as i will be doing my best tweeting what I learn/love from the live stream. Join in on the conversation so we can all benefit from the largest fashion blogger gathering to kick of New York Fashion Week!

Watch live streaming video from ifbconference at

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