Monday, August 01, 2011

B Returns: Turkey travel diary

I am have trouble beginning this post because I am still recovering from my long vacation over seas. The trip was amazing filled with food, sights and new experiences. I already left you a little note from Paris and a bit from Italy (though there's a lot more to share) but now I'm going to share with you, Turkey.

This trip was my first visit to Turkey and wasn't sure what to expect. Though our tour of the seven churches kept us busy most of the days and didn't really get to experience too much of Turkish culture there was a lot of history to learn from our tour guide and of course a surprise 'magic carpet' experience that was a highlight. When they try to sell you something in Turkey it begins with a whole show and pitch explaining the hard work and quality of their product. And when it's time for you to buy, you are swarmed with sales men!

No carpets were purchased by me though I'd be awfully tempted if I had a house to fill. The views from Turkey were gorgeous and not what I expected from the country but I could've definitely spent more time soaking up the sun at the pool!


Janka said...

I was in Turkey last month, its beautiful country ! :)

xoxo Chocolate Muse

Anonymous said...

This looks gorgeous! You're making me want to go to Turkey.

Natalie said...

Lovely pictures. Shame you could not experience more. Turkey is a lovely country.

Unknown said...

Hello...I am a Turkısh and ı love very much my country! :) I hope you loves everythıng... Very beautiful pictures and You should also visit Ankara and İstanbul ...My English is so-so :))
I hope I could tell you .Finally, the interesting thing is that the blog ;)

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