Wednesday, August 10, 2011

B Fit: Work it out

Oh dear, I might regret making this public but I am in desperate need of getting fit. Since my injury in January there has been a good excuse to avoid physical activity but now it's time to shape up. I am currently in that infatuation with the gym phase where I love going and like what I'm getting (even the sore muscles). It's time to get back in the hang of things and new workout gear is always a good motivation. You also realize just how often you need to do laundry when you work out everyday so my solution is to buy more, plus I like the bright colors.

As I have been fairly new back in the gym I have gotten into some good habits and figuring out some mind tricks that help me going.
  • Cover your prorgress: when i'm on the elliptical or treadmill it can be addicitng to check how long (or much longer) you have to go. I now cover mine with a towel so that i won't obsess.
  • Set a timer: following the previous tip, set a timer on your ipod so that you get in the groove and hit your time goal
I'm still new to getting back to the gym but will try to share more tips as I find more that work for me!
1. adidas by Stella McCartney tennis woven jacket
2. Lucy gym power headband
3. Lululemon hot yoga hobo
4. Camelbak better sport bottle
5. Nike free run +2
6. adidas by Stella McCartney run short
7. Lululemon 50 rep bra


Unknown said...

i'm a lululemon fan for workout clothes! they make the best socks too!

Anonymous said...

do you have a recommendation for what you use to wear your ipod/iphone during working out? i am in need of a good one!

Bridget said...

That top is really cute! And I love the colour of the headband

Amberly said...

I need those Nikes! haha so cute and come in some awesome colors!

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