Wednesday, August 03, 2011

B Travels: Roman holiday

After Turkey we made the trip to Italy and the first thing on my mind was pizza. On the search for the best cafe in Roma you are caught by the sight of the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and other eye catching landmarks. Our trip in Roma was short but didn't keep us from fitting it all in along with a few pizzas a day just like the Romans do.


Unknown said...

Next time, I'm hiding in your suitcase.

Chelsea said...

Oh, your killing me. What a wonderful have me looking forward to my honeymoon in December. xoxo

KaNini's said...

I've been there last september! The city is incredible, isn't it!?! I just fell in love with the beauty of it and I soooo want to go back once again! :)

Diana said...

i hope you're having the best time. i love rome. i just visited for four weeks this march. i miss it looking at your photos!

Jessica said...

gorgeous photos, gorgeous setting! so wish i was there, too. xoxojess

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