Wednesday, August 24, 2011

B Equipped: Beauty gadgets

Sometimes a girl just needs a gadget or two to get the job done.
1. Clarisonic mia: My own recent addition to the beauty routine. Still waiting to see the full results for a month stretch but already feel the difference with much softer skin. Easy to travel with as well in this convenient size.
2. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner: An affordable quick jewelry cleaner right in your own bathroom will keep your jewelry from tarnishing.
3. 5 Min shower timer: Do you take long showers and need to shorten your time? This convenient shower timer might keep you from running late and saving water.
4. Beauty blender: Every makeup artist swears by this unique design that blends in your makeup flawlessly. Next on my beauty gadget shopping list.
5. Heated eyelash curler: Do your hair eyelashes loose curl just after a few pumps of a curler? Try this heated curled with a protected eye wand that won't burn your lids.


libby said...

i definitely could use the timer for my showers! i'm also curious about the clarisonic, i've heard such great things!

shannon*bear said...

That eyelash curler is pretty cool! I just stumbled upon your blog and it's lovely! I'm excited to read more!

xo Shannon

Adrianna Traxler said...

i need it all! I've taken so long to get the clarisonic...i really must get it soon

Elie Ranger said...

Brooke, let me know how that clarisonic treats you! I want one really badly! Another girl I know just started a fashion blog and wrote a post about leopard and it reminded me of you. Here is the link if you're interested.

B said...

Thanks Elie!I'll check the blog out and don't you worry a full review and GIVEAWAY ;) is coming!

Grace said...

Love a good beauty gadget! I want a clarisonic so badly. Those sponges are the best and the heated lash curler is genius!

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

I'm a BIG fan of gadgets in general, and beauty gadgets in particular. I bought the Mia recently and you're right - my skin is waaaay softer!

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