Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B Ready: Are we there yet?

Can you believe it is only Wednesday? Maybe it was because I was out of town all weekend or because my list of to-do keeps getting longer but next week's trip to New York couldn't come at a better time. I am ready to re-charge, vent and learn from some of my fellow bloggers. This week has already felt so slow but I already know how fast Tuesday will come.

Regardless of the week I always seem to manage to find time on Pinterest to help me fixate on less everyday and more just pretty things. While I'm trying to find a full-time job, grow Just B and plan fun trips to Arizona and New York, I've become addicted to the gym. I hope you won't mind my more fitness geared posts about my new motivations and gear as I can't get away from feeling good. So now to just get us all in the mood I began a new board titled 'fit' hoping that when I'm sore I'll look to it and get moving again!

What do you do to stay motivated? Have a similar pinterest board? Comment the link and we can be in this together!


Kat Skull said...

I can't get enough of Pinterest! Mine is

Unknown said...

that picture is dope. i was having a difficult time staying motivated this summer, but i find myself full of inspiration and energy when i look through magazines and/or people watch.

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