Monday, August 29, 2011

B Snapped: Over the weekend

Over the weekend I took a quick trip to the desert. It was painfully hot but the warmth felt nice when sweat wasn't dripping down my new bangs. Dragging around my DSLR never sounded appetizing but instagram did its job capturing all my favorite parts of the weekend:
There was a great view of seattle at takeoff. Pretzel bites and provolone fondue at Culinary Dropout
Mojitos at Tommy Bahama after a failed attempt at the pool. A new monarch wing headband find at Anthropologie.
My favorite bruschetta board at La Bocca with combinations like fig, prosciutto and marscapone or pesto and diced tomatoes. A sneak peek at a creative friend's gorgeous handmade vintage crosses
Wearing of Chanel's newest, Peridot on my nails. Red fire dragon roll at Pure with spicy tuna topped with jalopeno. 
Best breakfast spot in town perfectly named the Breakfast Club offering a chorizo omelette with red and green peppers. Lastly a new pair of feather earrings from Urban Outfitters.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh, how I love that pretzel fondue from CD. You're making me hungry! PS- next time you're in Phoenix, you should try the bruschetta from Postino, too- so amazing.

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