Monday, October 03, 2011

B Booted: Rough around the edges

The fall weather has done the change and boots are the best option. Last season I was after classic boots that I could dress up and down but something about the rain makes me crave something rough and comfortable. I'm loving strong leather boots that I can pull on with skinnies and a large over sized sweater. These are some options I plan on trying before finding the perfect pair. What's on your shopping list?


Unknown said...

love the frye boots! i am addicted to frye!

Chelsea said...

Love all three...I am now going to need some rough and tumble boots! xo

CapeCodCollegiate said...

Team frye 100%, I have a pair of veronica, or maybe rebecca.. (I should look into that) boots and they are my official fall boots - they go with anything and withstand Frat/Bar slush like no other!

These new pairs have totally caught my eye- bad for the wallet, great for the outfit :)


Ly said...

These are some great options! I love the buckle detail on number 2.


Plami said...

all three pairs are gorgeous! I love the last one most!


Pamela said...

I have a pair of dark brown lace up boots like these...any more suggestions on what to wear with them?

Anonymous said...

Hey i love your blog!! :) But what font are you using for the "B ambitions B curious B obsesses and so on? I looove it!!

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