Thursday, October 20, 2011

B Dries

Since I landed in New York it has been non-stop. They weren't kidding when they said this city never sleeps but boy do I need some time to finish my to-do list and you scramble to find as much extra time in your day as possible. Blow drying your hair might seem like a pointless task especially when you make the excuse of "I'm protecting my hair from heat damage", though in the winter the same kind of damage can occur if you don't dry. Your mother didn't tell you to dry your hair to keep you from getting a cold but keep the cold from breaking your hair. Walking out the door with drenched locks will only give your hair more reason to give you some bad days!

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Lesley said...

But don't you loveee NYC? I just moved from NYC to DC last weekend and started a new job on Monday! And I feel ya on the hecticness! But hang in there kitty, there is so much excitement to come!

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