Tuesday, October 25, 2011

B Styled: Nude suede booties

A quick impulse buy came to me this weekend in the form of nude suede booties. The search began for just plain black pumps as my heels haven't made it to New York yet and I was in need of some height. The intent changed to find something that wouldn't be the same as I already own but wear often. I paired these booties for the first time with a soldier costume believe it or not but now I'm working on styling it for everyday wear. They're the perfect finishing piece on my fall layering.
1. Aubin & Wills dress
2. Folded lapel crop blazer
3. Zara sequined wallet
4. Brown solid tights
5. Madewell leather satchel
6. Sarapo loop scarf
7. Nine West booties


Anonymous said...

that bag makes me want to travel!!
xo emily

Giulia - A pranzo da Pit said...

love this set especially zara wallet!!
kisses :-)


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