Thursday, October 13, 2011

B Bundled

Are you ready for some serious cold? When I realized that my last winter was spent in the desert where I barely wore a scarf I realized it was time to bulk up my wardrobe. Looking for some warm clothes that aren't too boxy and still show off a shape with style was important. I more importantly fell in love with the gloves that have removable pointer finger and thumb holes for convenient textting because you know we need that!
1. Kate Spade ear warmer
2. J Crew hadley sweater
3. Corso Como redmond boot
4. Banana Republic striped socks
5. Banana Republic over the knee socks
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs gloves


Jennifer S. said...

Those socks are adorable.....I love bundling up for the cold too....but just as soon as it gets cold I am so ready for it to get warm

Unknown said...

those gloves are awesome! i could definitely use some! sooo ready for cold weather, the 90+ degree heat is really getting old...

Grace (The Stripe) said...

great picks... I want those socks!

Ashley said...

Needing the red kate spade ear warmer!! Obsessed

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