Thursday, October 27, 2011

B Hinged: The perfect bangle

Bangles. We all love them, want to wear as many as we can but in reality they can be a bit bothersome. Either they fit over your hand then too big on your wrist or too small to fit over your hand to accommodate your wrist. Thankfully Kate Spade heard this problem and voila, the hinge bracelet. This bracelet has been added on my wrist daily since purchase. I can stack them and wear them for hours in the office without being bothered by this around my wrist. Hinge bracelets have changed my world!


Stephanie said...

this really is the PERFECT bangle! love the gold one =)

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute, but Kate Spade certainly isn't the first to make hinge bracelets. Those have been around for a LONG time. I have some from my mom that she wore 30 years

Tiffany said...

really into bangles, bracelets and cuffs right now! Great post!

@jackiegiardina said...

omg this bracelet is so adorable! I love kate spade

xo Jackie

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