Tuesday, November 01, 2011

B Greeting: A hello to November

November you have already been so good to me today. This morning was officially my first morning in my new apartment and it was a beauty (pictures to come). The windows let the shine come in putting me in a great mood for what could only make my day better, holiday cups! My favorite time of year seems to be just around the corner and when Starbucks starts celebrating its hard not to join in. Cheers to November!
"When we're together, snowmen come to life."
This mornings ensemble: Pleated skirt, herringbone tights, suede wedge booties (all J Crew)


Jen said...

Love your polish, mind sharing what it is? :)

Brookelyn said...

Love those tights! So much cuter than a plain solid color!

The Blossom Shed said...

Love those tights AND the boots - are they this season? They're such a lovely cognac color.


homeschoolceo said...

Yea! for good mornings ;) You look adorable.

Nicole Marie said...

i can not believe it's already november

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