Monday, November 14, 2011

B Marked

Today marks my one month with New York City! Time has flown by as I've gotten settled into my new place and new job. There's so much to offer here that I'm discovering something new around each corner. Sometimes missing your subway stop means you walk the Brooklyn Bridge or carrying your groceries across the city builds your muscles. I'm ready to see more of you NY, this is just the beginning. 

View from the Brooklyn Bridge

Shake Shack

Kate Spade clutch

Morning coffee with ipod headphones

Office meeting view


Going home


Anna Elder said...

Congrats on 1 month! I just can't imagine living there. Relying on public transport seems like it would be a rough adjustment….but I envy all of the walking. I would love to have that here in Oklahoma. Fat chance! haha. Loving you images!! What a beautiful city.

maiah said...

The greatest post! Loving the photos, and loving that you're loving NYC. I'm sure Shake Shack had something to do with it ;)

Maiah // Writing with Wine

Lesley said...

Ahh you make me miss the city! I just moved from there to DC! Have you been to the Meatball shop yet? Or Artichoke Pizza?! Those are musts!

Sara said...

Yay! Shake Shack is my favorite! So happy you went!

Francesca said...

lovely pictures! :)

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