Monday, November 07, 2011

B Spaces: Bathroom details

Every day my New York apartment is becoming more a home as I slowly add finishing touches. This weekend I focused on my bathroom to get organized and look just how I want to feel in there every morning. Your bathroom is where you spend the time primping yourself for a night out, long day of work or spoil yourself for a night in. It's one of my favorite rooms and just because its the smallest it should not be over looked.
I saved money by only splurging on my hand towels to add color and decorative element to my towel bar.
Kitchen bowls from Anthropologie are the best holders for my most worn jewelry.
Cabinet nobs double as necklace holders while I dress up my sink.
An easy DIY that dresses up my cabinet organizers. Tutorial coming tomorrow!
Perfume bottles are meant to be displayed along with a soap dish I found on sale to hold my every day jewelry.


Lauren said...

These are all so cute! I'll have to see them in person tonight too haha. Can't wait to see the DIY!

Sara said...

Your touches look so warm, delicate and bohemien!

libby said...

love the wooden tray with the stripes! i definitely need a few more things in my bathroom to make it look cute!

Koos said...

I'm moving soon, and these tips will come in so handy! Thanks for sharing your cute bathroom :)

Sara Marie said...

These are great ideas! I will keep them in mind when I start decorating my own place. Can't wait for the tutorial!


Sunny Blonde Studio

LV said...

I love the wood tray! You have such cute ideas!

Ashley said...

Love the Anthro dishes holding the jewelry!

Nicole Marie said...

love the towels! such a good idea to have nice hand towels to make the bathroom nicer

yuni.k said...

..but where are the 'B' monogrammed hand towels?

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