Wednesday, November 23, 2011

B Tried: Crest 3D White after smile

A few posts ago I let you in on my before picture of my smile. I had used whitening products before and had negative feelings about how I had to keep my mouth still or the over sensitivity I experienced afterward. With my 2 hour Crest 3D White strips I managed to catch up with roommate about our week, finish my hair for the evening and dance along to iPod while getting ready. The 2 hour wait went by fast and the results were instant.

Now a few days later after I've drank my morning coffee religiously I still see an impressive white smile for myself and others to enjoy. Here's some coupons so you can go and get your whitening on...


Julie said...

You look great! 2 hours though? I use crest advanced 3d whitestrips and it's only 30 min each time. Maybe yours is a newer version?

Katy said...

I use to use them a lot too but stopped ... I'm going to start using them again. I lovee pearly white teeth.

Sarah Saad said...

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