Thursday, November 10, 2011

B Sets: Nail glitter trios

About that time to put down the red nail polish and start piling on the glitter for holiday parties. Who can resist a little sparkle? And who doesn't love when it comes in sets of threes! For the time being I am forgetting about how difficult glitter polish can be to get off and shining my nails with sparkle, who's with me?
Butter London holiday glitter trio , Nails Inc glitterati, Deborah Lippmann dance music mini holiday trio.


Allison said...

You should also check out OPI's new Muppet's collection. Its loaded with glitter and SO fabulous! I love Rainbow Connection and am layering over every color I own!

Julie said...

glitter polish definitely is a pain to get off, but i love that it doesn't chip as easily. i am lusting after that butter london red and pink glitter polish!

Sara said...

I am in love with Butter London! Sparkle is so much fun!


Sunny Blonde Studio

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