Wednesday, February 06, 2013

B Tiny: Mini essentials

In many of the last seasons over sized jewelry, over sized bags and really anything over sized was what we wanted. And I liked it all including my over sized menswear Michael Kors watch but after a few days wearing a new mini Marc by Marc Jacobs my wrist feels like a whole new person! Got me to thinking that maybe I can start balancing my over sized favorites with a few minis too.
one: Sulta 'The Midnight' Travel Dryer
two: Marc by Marc Jacobs henry Dinky Watch
three: Tory Burch Robinson tiny jewelry case
four: Volupsa Japonica Mini Candle
five: Apple iPad mini
six: Coach leather crossbody bag


Stephanie said...

i love this post! i've always thought mini things were so cute but these are great! I'm really loving the colored face of the watch.

Natalie Withers said...

That coral colour is super summery and is making me excited to start buying things these colours!!! Great post xxx

Anonymous said...

Loving the coral theme!


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