Tuesday, August 04, 2009

B Stress Free

It is getting to be almost school time for most students. Although myself have been back to school for the last 3 weeks. And soon its already midterm time. Can you believe it? So I have to admit, I have been feeling the stress. Fashion school is tough too! So here are some of my tips for a stress free school season.
  • Go to the Chiropractor or massage therapist: I have gone to the Chiropractor for years and they are amazing at working out all those kinks. This is important to do before the stressful time so you will feel not as tight as your leaned over your laptop. (Also go after the stressful time to release the tension that was created during study sessions)
  • Don't procrastinate: I know we all do it but you know you feel better when you don't! Have a paper coming up? Do research early so that you will know if its the right kind or not! And the last thing you want to do is show up at the library the night before and find your chosen book checked out.
  • Get lots of sleep: This is the prime time where owning a DVR is a must. Don't stay up late watching those re runs of CSI. Record them so that you can go to bed and watch them as a reward once your studying is done.
  • Eat/drink healthy: This usually goes hand in hand with getting lots of sleep. If you did stay up to watch those reruns then chances are a few shots of espresso is going to be your first stop in the morning. While coffee isn't horrible for you, it is healthier to have natural energy which will you can obtain by eating lots of protein and drink water! Stay hydrated when drinking those energy shots.
  • CELEBRATE!: Finally, everyone needs a chance to scream and let loose. Do this right after your last final. Meet your girlfriends for happy hour or take a night in relaxing with a bottle of wine (one glass may not be enough..)

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