Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B Anxious

Being anxious is typically not one wants but when you're anxious for something as good as Tory Burch's new eyewear collection, how could that be a bad thing? I am a huge fan of Tory Burch. I am a fan on facebook, follow her twitter (@torybuch) and drool over all her bags and shoes. And when Tory Burch just 'twitpic'd' the picture above of the fashion shoot for her new eyewear I got so excited!

Last quarter in school I did a marketing project on Tory Burch the company. It gave me great insight on how Tory has been ahead of the fashion industry. She was quick to jump on the social networking platform with some other designs and is very socially aware. Last Presidential election she created cute tote and t-shirt saying Obama with her signature T Logo Medallion. Tory Burch is a talented designer and someone to keep your 'eye' on (pun intended). Stay tuned for when Tory Burch eyewear collection enters stores. Guaranteed that will be a shopping trip I won't be missing!

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