Tuesday, August 18, 2009

B appreciative

Never underestimate the power of a thank you. How many times a day do you say thank you? 1-2? 3-4? more to 5? I'm talking sincerely generally thank you. Of course I'm sure you're thankful that someone opened a door for you but did you think about writing them a note? The power of a thank you note is much greater then we recognize. I'll admit in the past I have used thank you notes for evil. Well lets not go that far but I was only inclined to send a thank you if I was nervous about how that person perceived me. I had forgotten the art of sending a thank you just cause.

Growing up every year for Christmas my mom would put "Thank You" cards in our stockings. Obviously so that we could write Thank You notes to friends and families for our generous presents. Why did I find this such a chore? The idea of writing a note to more than 5 people sounded tedious and obnoxious. Now as I grow older I am finally realizing how important those 2 words are.

I notice this most when I do not receive a thank you. It may be impolite to expect a thank you but with some things they are a given right? Or they should be but for some they aren't. There are so many words in our language that we take advantage of and Thank and You I am sure are in the top 6 of those. Humility is also a quality that is needed to appreciate the art of thank you. Don't go around being bratty just because someone may or may not have forgotten to say Thank You. It is just my goal now to really work towards using the phrase in its best meaning as webster defines it as "to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment".

The big upside of sending a thank you? You'll influence others to fall into your footsteps. Who doesn't love to get a card in the mail? Snail mail is just not used anymore so when you get a genuine thank you it could lift your day. You could lift someone elses day. The cards above are from Pinkerton Design. They have some adorable cards for you to send out your next thank you for someone helping you, loving you, or just being!

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