Sunday, August 09, 2009

B Obsessed

Anyone been in Anthropologie lately? I walked in today to find a couple hooks to put in my closet and walked out with no hooks and a new dress! They are having a huge sale at the location I was at and saw too many new cute things I needed (wanted). My initial idea was to buy a few eclectic vintage hooks to hang in my closet for my books and scarves. Great idea right? Too bad my obsession with new clothes just over took it. I bought a white summer dress that will be perfect for my trip to San Francisco/Napa this weekend. I can already picture myself wine tasting in my white dress (it'll encourage me to not get sloppy). My biggest obsession I left the store with was a romper! Ugh, it is still on my mind. I never thought I could pull off the romper and so I tried it on for thrills and was surprisingly OBSESSED. Let me create a picture for you...

This romper had a pinstripe halter top with a deep v and gold buttons with a high waisted navy shorts. I am so sorry I can't provide a visual but hopefully I will be able to get back to Anthro this week and make the purchase that I can't get out of my head! Oh and I should probably get those hooks I really do need... Meanwhile check out my white dress I purchased above and of course as Carrie says "you know I'll merchandise it up with some shoes" belt, earrings, bag! Gotta love accessories!

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