Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B Connected

This is for all of you who are trying to avoid the internet. What are you thinking? Social Networking is such a wonderful gift, get on board! I recently have received direct recognition for being apart of Twitter. The wonderful store WestElm gifted me a $20 gift card for tweeting about them! Getting rewarded for just saying what you love? I can do this all day...

There are also jobs that are circulating on the network for opportunities to help companies get more involved in "Internet 2.0". This is a great opportunity for those that have caught up on the trend of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and of course Blogging! Companies who have been around for years need help to make that transition to the digital world. These sites can also help you promote your own ideas and businesses. Being an entrepreneur has never been easier!

Sneak Peak: Blog to come about how my $20 gift card to West Elm is finally putting my redecorating project of my bedroom into action!

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