Tuesday, August 18, 2009

B Grouchy

or wine! Who says you don't get anything when you 'wine'? I am a big fan the fermented juice of grapes. I love finding unconventional wine labels and open them with my pink wine bottle opener. Yes I said pink! It is one of my favorite past times to get a group of good girlfriends together and open a bottle of wine. This event just happened to occur last night where each of us brought our favorite cheese. A great way to get you out of your brie rut and try something new. Over my weekend as I happened to visit the Napa Valley cheese plates were a plenty!

I grew up around wine. No I didn't live on a vineyard but my parents have always been huge wine enthusiasts. To be honest I really don't know anything about wine. I don't know any of the fancy words to describe, I twirl and smell the aroma for looks, and rarely (never) spit which is said to be the only way to truly taste wine. So here are few things I do know about wine...
  • More creative the label the more likely I am going to pick it up and try it: When I was in Italy a summer ago a winery we visited had a wine called "Fourplay" where their tagline was "It's good for you!" How clever is that? It's be such a great conversation starter.. I also found a great wine named "B Frank" (you think they've been reading my blog?). But on the label you finish the phrase "I'm only drinking with you because..." I have to find a case of this for my next dinner party!
  • Always have a corkscrew handy: Some are surprised to find I don't already own a "wine bottle opener keychain" but I did find that they do exist and may need to make that purchase
  • Buy a cute wine bottle topper: shoes! cities! phrases! monograms! Bottle toppers come in all different types and sizes and you have no reason to have an ugly bottle topper. Think of the bottle of wine as an accessory for your table. Would you put a ugly hat on after working hard on your well put together outfit?
  • Say cheese: It is amazing how much science is involved in wine and food pairings. Certain foods bring out certain tastes in the wines which a great thing to research before a dinner party. Go here to learn more about what wine to pair with your food of choice. Although I do have a strong idea that wine goes with everything regardless!
So there you have it. We may not be sommeliers but go and have a good night and relaxations with some red, white, rose whatever you'd like..
*disclaimer: drink responsibly!*

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