Tuesday, August 04, 2009

B Gourmet

For some, it is easier said than done. Some like my mother with no formal training are masterminds in the kitchen. Growing up with a gourmet dinner everynight on the table was a true blessing. but can you imagine what happened when i went off to school and had to fend for myself? "Take-out" was my middle name.

I'm sure you can relate with me when I say I had trouble cooking for one, weary of my skills and didn't know what to cook! It has taken sometime and good food gone bad but I am finally getting the hang of this thing called "cooking".

As I said it took me some time and practice to start feeling a little more comfortable in the kitchen. So to help those who are also kitchen challenged I'll give you some tips I have learned so far. I am far from my mom's status but am getting there one burnt chicken at a time.

1. "Don't be afraid": You may or may not have seen the new "Julie and Julia" trailer floating around but what Julia Child says is true! Its okay, the pan won't bite that's what a splatter screen is for. Don't have one? Get one! They're brilliant!

2. Work on your Algebra Skills: Divide recipes by half. 6 divided by 2 equals 3, get it? This will help you make a great meal but at better proportions for just you. Though you can also make the whole recipe and have great leftovers for the week! Much better for you than that take out...

3. Get a guinea pig: Boyfriends or just your good guy friends are great for this. They'll eat anything. I once made pasta stuffed shells for a boy and oops undercooked the shells (they said AL DENTE!) but let me tell you, they were still eaten and my easy caprese salad made up for it! Though again, don't be afraid they may tell you exactly what they think but it will only have you improve.

4. Surf the kitchen web: Websites like foodnetwork.com have a billion recipes. Each recipe has a cook time and cooking level. Go for easy first no matter how good that roasted duck looks. Baby steps ladies.. (extra tip- some recipes have short how to videos!)
Here are some other helpful blog/websites: HealthyEats Blog, AllRecipes.com, KitchenCritic has some of the coolest ideas/appliances for the kitchen, check it out!

Now go and break in that kitchen!

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