Friday, October 16, 2009

B Accented

Just the other day I went into Bank of America to simply deposit my hard working pay check that now is in the form of a fabulous new shoes but anyways the fabulous tellers at B of A were full of  compliments for me. The teller helping me asked where I had found my necklace and I proudly said "target!". She seemed amazed and then puzzled telling me she doesn't think she can pull off long necklaces. The teller in the next cubicle agreed with her saying she can't either. I was appalled and told them they both could of course pull it off. They continued to examine my outfit further and said well maybe we can with something like she's wearing a t shirt and a vest? Where's the vest from? "Anthropologie" I replied. "Where/what's that?" I gasped! And proceeded to give these ladies approximately the best directions to all 3 anthropologies in the area. No one should live without anthropologie in their life. So soon I had made my deposit and left the bank.  There is not one thing a women can not wear or pull off. There are things that are better for your body type to accent your best features but don't you say you can't pull it off!

Jewelry is the topping on the cake. You can't give a cake without frosting, you need to decorate, hence accessories! Now some of you may have other ways of wearing a long necklaces but this is how I decide to wear them. Necklaces are the best way to dress up a simple outfit of t-shirt and jeans. Long necklaces are my favorite of the moment. Long meaning just passed your chest, no longer than your bellybutton. I honestly have some of my favorite jewelry pieces that I wear every day at Target or Forever 21. This is a great way to buy a few different necklaces for cheap! These are great retailers for when you want to layer necklaces. To layer necklaces use a few delicate ones that have different pendants or detailing around the neck. Alot of my blog readers have told me they wished they had the money to buy what I have featured before so I all the necklaces featured above are all from Forever 21 and under $10! All looks are achievable by everyone. But beware, you are paying for what you get so don't be surprised if it only lasts for a couple of looks.

Jewelry rarely goes out of style. Think about your grandmother's pearls, she bought them years ago and jewelry designers are still capitalizing on their classic look. For something away from classic  Anthropologie has very unique jewelry that can be the focus of the outfit. They themselves categorize this jewelry as "Statement" on their website. Anthropologie jewelry can be on the pricier side so be sure it is something you know that you will wear over and over and over again.

Remember a few tips though when adding some jewelry and accessories. If your top already has embellishments on it then you don't need a long bold necklace. You can get a long way with a little bling. If your top has an intricate neckline or something like ruffles where a long necklace may not lay right, try a shorter very delicate necklace. Or opp for no necklace at all and try just some decor for your ears. There are so many options for jewelry that I could write a whole other blog on but really its just the frosting on the cake that accents  and makes the look, which you know is everyone's favorite part!

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