Monday, October 19, 2009

B Ringing

It's not time to ring in the new year yet but that doesn't mean you can't be showing that firework sparkle on your fingers. Everywhere I turn I see cocktail rings on every hand. What I am really loving right now is that you can wear more than just one and not look like a gypsy. I have worn a pair of rings on my right hand for the past 5 plus years. These rings were both given to me by my sister on special events. These Tiffany rings are very understaed with the smaller diamond and pink sapphire but carry a great dear of sentiment. So though they won't be leaving my hand anytime, I still have 9 fingers to dazzle!

Marc Jacobs is always the key to my heart so I am loving his Pave Heart Ring under his Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Some of this other jewelry is so unexpected and reinvented. Have you seen his zipper earrings yet? Everything is so innovative and most all his rings I want to pile on my fingers.

And if you're looking to spread your wings, look at CC Skyes Angel Wing ring. I first found this ring on another website in passing a week ago and saw it was already sold out. Then when I decided to write this blog I had to search the web to remember who it was by and I should have assumed it was CC Skye. The jewelry has a great way of molding metal to trendy accessories you'd want to put on every limb.

Shopping online always gets me into trouble. Its almost worse than walking into the mall because recommendations are made for you and end up appearing easily on the right side of your screen with a perfect connection to your next want. This is how I found the Goldmine ring. I apologize for the horrible line but how could you not want this ring? The dark stones contrast with the bright gold and I am definitely reserving a place on my finger for this one.

I think a big myth with wearing rings is that until you are wed you need to keep your ring finger on your left hand open. Well all my single ladies, this doesn't have to happen and if you need a little love then you'll fall for Erica Anenberg's Je' Taime twosome ring. This ring was made for two, two fingers. I admittedly couldn't help myself but purchase this ring and am anxious for its arrival. Nothing wrong with giving yourself a little love.

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