Tuesday, October 20, 2009

B Accessible

Just this last week Barney's New York opened their first location in Scottsdale, AZ. Viewing the store you were captivated by the original visuals and unique layout of the legendary department store. Though much smaller than their Beverly Hills location, Barney's brought the high status to an American mall that is transforming to be a must travel item. And while Barney New York's vendors are not always accessible by the average shopper, the designers who created their name by the help of the department store are creating new fashions at a new price point.

The hype of Jimmy Choo's accessory line for H&M has been a big topic of conversation for all fashion publications. The sleek advertisements are gracing the pages of Vogue and Elle and November 14th is marked on everyone's calendars. In a article from Women's Wear Daily, Tamara Mellon founder and president said "It was a challenge for us to create high-quality pieces at an H&M price point.” Wow am I glad that she decided to take on a challenge. The pieces were designed off the same woman who inspired Jimmy Choo's Fall line "She's rock 'n' roll, a little punk". I think some people may see the price points for the Jimmy Choo for H&M still out of their price range but it is for this reason they aren't completely cheap because Jimmy Choo still wanted to make a great product. The value of these products should be judged on more than just the label and really evaluation the quality and aesthetic. If the quality is well made compared to a disposable product and design is innovative and trending then I think this Jimmy Choo for H&M will be very successful with great products and not too mention the overwhelming publicity received over the collaboration.

Collaboration must be a trending item because everywhere I turn a designer is merging with a new idea. Just this last week the buzz about Christian Louboutin designing for Barbie continued. He has been granted the position of being Barbie's God Father for the year. Can you imagine the birthday presents? The designer designed 12 Christian Louboutin Barbie shoes that are being sold separately from the Louboutin jewel-thief themed barbie debuting in December. I was never a Barbie collector but I just may need this Barbie with red soles packaged in a Christian Louboutin shoe box.

Louboutin isn't the only designer creating new looks for a different customer. The newly awarded at the CFDA awards duo Rodarte are designing for Target! Their line will debut on December 22 of this year and I can't wait to get my hands on their tights and bow belt. I love how designers are challenging themselves with different markets and becoming more accessible to me and their beloved followers. The design world is showing an enormous amount of talent that has no end of expanding and no one is complaining at my end.

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Stylelista Confessions said...

can I just say when H&M opens in a few weeks I will be the first in line there haha

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