Wednesday, October 14, 2009

B Sold

There are those rare moments for when you see something and you say you must have! For those of us who are obsessed with fashion, this moment comes above average. There a few tricks to knowing though that this is something you really want.

1) you look it up online everyday (twice-every hour)
2) you add it to your shopping cart and go to checkout but your rational mind in charge of finance holds you back (until you work your way around the small mishap)
3) you stay home on a Friday night and pick out new outfits to work with it (it being your new Sam Edelman black saddle boots)

So I experienced this first hand. I went from finding to obsessing to wanting to needing! This was a fashion must. Thankfully Nordstom had them in stock so I politely turned down a happy hour invitation because clearly picking up my new shoes was vital. I am glad that you don't have to go to a polo match any longer to see someone in saddle shoes. I really have been lusting over this item for a couple years since they made a comeback into the fashion industry. Really, saddle shoes have been a dignified classic for years. Now that they're a trend you see everyone ready to ride a horse. Though I'm sorry you won't be seeing me get anywhere near a stable in my new boots but everywhere else I can possibly wear them to.

This is what I love about new shoes, you are so excited about them you really want to wear them everyday and eventually you look at them and realized they have gotten quite the workout. Its humorous that my last shoe obsession was also a pair of Sam Edelman's. I found them in LA at Kitson which is a shopping must when visiting the hills. And they really were the tip of the iceberg when it came to my gold addiction. Though I am not saying I will be putting away these gorgeous flats anytime soon but definitely just finding some new footwear to feed my appetite for gorgeous shoes.

Nordstrom started as a shoe store so it is only fitting that I always end up there. Today's exposure into the sea of heels, flats, boots and wedges was a little unexpected and purchases made were really unmeditiated (I swear). I had one pair of shoes to return that I had not been feeling the rules of 1,2,3 listed above. I first told myself to find some new casual heels. But really you can't pull yourself away from things you know you'll wear everyday. The Jeffrey Campbell flats were like butter on my toes, not that I've had butter on my toes but you get the point. Literally slippers, I even took a peek back to where they were to confirm they were not with the slippers. The details of the shoes summed up a few of my fall obsessions I have already explained, girly details with gold studs, it was an easy sell.

I personally think the sales lady to an extra long time in the back because she labeled me the second she saw me and knew I was to find something else to try on while she was gone. Well you should know how this goes by now, she was right. I had never seen flats by Ruby and Bloom before but there were many different pairs all in different shades and fabrics. The one that stood out to me was the snake skin gray 'grace' flat. I don't know what triggered it but snake skin flats have been on my mind recently and well as you guessed it, it fit snug and so comfortable. And another peek to make sure I wasn't in the slipper section. Phew, in the clear.

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