Saturday, October 17, 2009

B Ambitious

Did every little girl grow up wishing to get paid to shop? Or was that just me? I have to admit that in the first grade I dressed up as a Gap sales associate. Yep, that's right. I wore my gap jeans, a pink sweater and made my own Gap blue square pin (the things you remember from your childhood). Growing up with two older sisters I got dressed from a young age in the cutest clothes and fell in love with fashion. And I always said I'd make alot of money shopping since I'm so good at it.

Now thanks to the Sundance channel I have gotten to watch my dream job happen. Its not a secret on my blog that I love shopping at Anthropologie. It is mainly because their pieces are so unique and now on the new show Man Shops Globe Anthropologie's buyer at large, Keith Johnson is followed around the world as she shops for these pieces.

Keith's job is too find those one of a kind pieces you find in the Anthropologie stores. They don't find their cash wraps for new stores at a store in LA but instead Keith shops the globe for those pieces that he can re create to work in the stores. In the first episode he traveled to Paris (jealous) to find some pieces for the new store opening in London. He has been doing this for quite a few years so he has some great places he already knows of. That painting hanging in Anthropologies you saw while shopping for a new necklace (plug to B Accented) could have been an original painting by an artist in Avignon, France!

In the most recent episode Keith took a trip to South Africa. He found the most brilliant artists in that country, it was so inspiring. One towns artists named Magpie was making chandeliers from all recycled products, milk bottle caps and barbie legs included! At the end of his trip Keith showed all his findings at a gallery. The chandelier he ordered from the artists, Magpie, was then bought my President Obama and is now hanging in the children's room.  At the end of each episodes it will tell you how Anthropologie has ordered as many chairs another artist can make in one year for their stores.

It is inspiring to watch the show of a man who does buy for a living. He is paid for his unique eye for things he knows the Anthropologie customer will love and appreciate. Each week he will travel to a new country and discover more findings that we probably browsed over yesterday in the store. If you knew the story behind the products would it encourage you to purchase? I encourage you to spend the money on itunes to subscribe to this show. I honestly wish we saw more ambition and creativity from all retailers.

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