Monday, October 05, 2009

B Strong

Admit it, you have snuck into your significant other's closet and taken an old t shirt, his button down or maybe even his blazer. Why is it always more comfortable when its theirs and not yours? Well now you don't have to worry about sneaking in and out of their closet. Menswear inspired pieces are everywhere and exactly what I'm wanting right now. 

Just this last weekend I was on a mission to find a fitted boyfriend jacket. To be honest, it wasn't that hard to find because everyone has their own version of the boyfriend jacket at the moment. I preferred a shorter fitted version but the boxy baggier version is also shown everywhere. One I particularly like is from Aqua for Bloomingdales. Aqua is Bloomingdales' own brand that makes trendy pieces at a cheaper price point. I have found many cute dresses in this department for half the cost you would typically find them at. 

I'm not one to lake dainty jewelry which is probably why I am ecstatic over the explosion of menswear watches. I love the big faces but simplicity. We have moved pass just your boyfriend's closet and now are wearing your grandfathers leather watch. Just this month Lucky magazine had a a feature on menswear watches. The feature showed a lot of options of menswear watches from gucci to other less known brands with smaller price tags. I found a new favorite, Grandpa's Woven Leather Watch, for only $38 at 

The Olsen twins have also been grabbing my attention lately with their Elizabeth & James line. A handful of blogs ago I featured their peep toe booties and now I'm in love with their mens shirts. I frustratedly fell in love with their woven Cohen top that had delicate detail int he back with a few buttons flattering the women's body. Though women have also embraced the tailored white shirt in the workplace my other obsession of theirs is their Oversized shirt. Now I know that basically does look like they did steal it out of their father's closet and thats the greatness in it. Just be sure not to take the shirt labeled 'Valentino' or he may notice it missing. These shirts can work great over anything and anything can work over it. Try putting a metallic skinny belt to accentuate your waist or layer a fitted menswear vest and keep the bottom skinny! With a looser top you'll need to stay proportioned and show some of your body so try leggings or a dark skinny pant.

There's no question women have been strong like men for sometime but now our fashion is reflecting that inner strength accenting the masculine details that have classified menswear as simple, traditional, and classic. It is of course us ladies who have the real strength to put a spin on this and make it a fashion.

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