Thursday, September 09, 2010

B Reinvented: Wine bottle decor

Browsing for decor inspiration I came upon this new way to use wine crates. For years I have collected wine corks to fill decorative vases in my home and love decor that incorporates a re used wine bottle. Reminds me that I am in French or Italian wine country.

Line the crate with decorative paper and adhere to the wall. Something a bit more unique then stacking the crates or a plain bookshelf. More wooden create ideas here.

If you haven't discovered Etsy, it is the best place to find unique gifts. A wine bottled melted down to a cheese plate unifies the two compliments together. Purchased.

Another amazing Etsy store, Keep Calm shop has a poster for everything. Seriously, everything.

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Wine Decorations said...

Hello friends,

The wine bottle decoration makes a great hanging heart ornament, and it is unique wine accessories that make a great gift for the others. Thanks for sharing it...

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