Tuesday, September 14, 2010

B Celebrating: Fashion's Night Out 2010

 It can only be New York City that fills your weekend with so much excitement and beauty that it takes me more than just one post to cover it. It was exactly a year ago where I posted about the first annual Fashion's Night Out. All year up until September 10th we heard of new retailers and celebrities joining in on the festivities. The streets of New York were being strolled by men in all black carrying glasses and beverages stocking different stores for the nights festivities but I don't think anyone could prepare for the block party of the year.

Starting at Saks Fifth Avenue the fifth floor was filled with women alike anxiously awaiting arrivals of musicians and of course, Rebecca Minkoff. And what as the first thing I asked Rebecca? "Can I take a picture of your shoes?" Which happens to be her own coming out for Spring. If we were the same size I may have asked if I could have them there. Her response? "I'm so glad I got my toes done!"

A special event happening at Saks Fifth Avenue was the opportunity to get your Rebecca Minkoff handbag monogrammed. I was thrilled when I first got word of this because I'd love to have everything monogrammed and I mean everything. The talented artist was Logan Real. I had a real pleasure of getting to know him why he perfected my three letters of "B.E.A" which he took much pride in. He also wanted me to let everyone know that is name isn't fake, it's really Logan Real (get it?). The photo above this post is just more indication of his talent and artwork performed all by hand.

I could have stopped at Saks and been completely satisfied with my night but where is the fun in that? With absolutely no taxis in sight I jumped on the subway (after finally mastering it) and sent myself to SoHo where the true block party was.

Found myself at Kate Spade where they were featuring her new frangrance and oh, that popular guy Tim Gunn was there! Yes, he was signing copies of his new book and truly smiled ear to ear. Unfortunately I didn't hear him say "make it work".

And from Tim to my first love Marc Jacobs. Who was unfortunately going to be later to his party then I expected but I enjoyed his store without him.

The weekend as perfect and I'm still obsessed with the city that never sleeps. For more pictures check out the Just B facebook page.

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