Wednesday, September 08, 2010

B Pro: Modern Tennis style

Have you ever taken up a hobby or sport for the cool stuff? Guilty. Suddenly now I find myself wanting to start playing tennis. The cute skirts, preppy polos and colorful rackets really make me wish I would've stuck to playing after that one weekend when I was 8. Even then I remember my favorite part was purchasing my neon pink, orange and yellow racket. While some would argue with me that this isn't even the season to pick up tennis it doesn't mean you can't frolick while doing errands in your tennis skirt. No one will even know you have a terrible serve...

Oh and don't forget your Birkin to hold your racket.. Hermes Spring 2010 RTW

Chanel racket. Hope to see this at Wimbledon next year.

 Stella McCartney for Adidas changed what women wear to work out. This core woven jacket can be worn on or off the court.

K Swiss tennis classic skirt. Automatic Pro.

Fred Perry contrast tote to carry it all.


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