Friday, September 10, 2010

B Viewed: New York street style

I arrived early yesterday morning in New York City and have so much to tell about my day at Evolving Influence but first I want to enjoy my weekend and experience what New York has to offer. While most of my day was spent inside, I found myself peering out the cab just soaking it in and loving the New York style after New york City Fashion Week was finally kicked off. So in a dear friend's humble city apartment I found myself last night searching for New York street style.

The Satorialist made his way to NYC.

Street Peeper peeped this look in the New York City streets. (Stay tuned for more info on the Street peeper himself, Phil Oh)

And a quote from Penn Badgley on Fashion Week in NYC to NY Mag
"I sit here and look pretty, I guess." And yes, yes you are Penn.
Also, it's Fashion's Night Out this evening! I have my schedule almost down pat with a few friends and new blogger friends so search your city and enjoy the rest of the world with celebrating fashion!


The Dolls Factory said...

ny style is the best

Unknown said...

...I think so too.
PS- LOVE the bag in the second photo!

Marta from With Love... said...

I think that NYC offers an incredible variety of styles and inspiration... the sartorialist photo is amazing :)


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