Tuesday, March 15, 2011

B Braided: Spring hair to-dos

I have never had long hair. I never had the patience to grow it out and always wanted something new but finally I have stuck with it and managed to ease my way into the long hair category. Which means, I can finally master the side braid for spring. I am such a fan of this easy manageable look and plan on finding some braid how-tos to share for those that don't know the first thing about braiding. Till then we can all just try to replicate these pictures are best, lucky for us messy and imperfect is in.

click on images for souces


Meg said...

AAAH! These pictures make me want long hair. Gorgeous braid!

Nicole Marie said...

i wish my hair was long enough!

KT Barnes said...

i feel ya. pinterest has been blowing up with braid pics lately.


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