Tuesday, March 22, 2011

B Graduates: End of an era

I had a lot of plans when I went to college. Thought I'd be an interior designer and finish at ASU but God had different plans. Today I am graduating from The Art Institute of Phoenix with a BA in Fashion Marketing. Through this journey I began this blog and discovered what I love to do. It has been such a blessing and has helped find independence amongst the large support of family and friends. Can't wait to share tomorrow's photos of the ensemble and my portfolio shopping! But until then just think Miu Miu because that is what I'll be walking in across the stage to receive my diploma.


Stylelista Confessions said...

I just teared up reading this post! congrats
xoxo Stylelista

Erika said...

Congrats B!!! Love you tons and can't wait for you to move to NYC!


ashley said...

just stumbled upon your blog...congrats! and what a coincidence, I happen to be graduating this fri...with the same degree at AI Portland. Best of Luck to you!

and Miu Mius? how fabulous!


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