Monday, March 14, 2011

B Coveted: Organized closets

It's true, I am notorious for having a messy room. I'm clean but can't help to find my clothes scattered over the room after a frantic can't find anything to wear morning. I've loved the new site The Coveteur but rather than lusting over the vintage jewelry and gorgeous Miu Mius I find myself wanting their organized closets.


Nicole Marie said...

i love organzing but half way through i get bored and half my stuff is left in piles. so sad.

A Casa da Vá said...

Just found your blog! As soon I read the subject 'organized closets' really got my attention, love all the ideas! It doesn't look at all like mine but hope I one day it will be this neat!

Prêt à Porter P said...

I don't need a "fancy fancy" closet. Really I'd just like rods (then I'd buy double hanging rods myself to change as needed), and then just a row of shelving for shoes and handbags. I'm the type that needs to see everything otherwise I'll forget it.

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