Thursday, August 25, 2011

B Played: Nail polish pairing

Last week I was in need of a manicure so I slipped into Julep nail parlor unexpectedly to get the works. A spontaneous manicure and pedicure can turn your whole day around but without knowing exact color I wanted it took me awhile to narrow down. I typically bring in my own nail color to a salon so that I'll have it for touch ups and get a great color if a salons selection is low. After some deliberation and some hesitation to the bright purple I decided upon,  Julep's Anne.

I quickly fell in love with the color over the next few days and went back to purchase the polish for my collection. Though after a four day wear (that's ages in terms of me wearing nail color) I needed a change but didn't want to stop wearing the purple I fell so deeply in love with. While the ring finger manicure is a great way to pair nail colors, I wasn't satisfied with giving this color just one nail so I opted for the two middle surrounded by a neutral dark blue (OPI's Road House Blue).

The combination was unexpected and one of my favorite nail pairings I've tried. What are your favorite nail color pairs? If you're wearing them tweet or post a picture to my facebook page to share and possibly give me inspiration for my next manicure!


Sophie said...

I'm loving Julep. Have you signed up to be a Julep Maven? It's pretty awesome.

Rachel Rose said...

I love it! Very chic pairing of colors. What do you think of doing this as a pedicure too? Would it be a little too weird on the toes?

F.ashion A.rt M.usic I. Love. You.

Raheli. Art. Blog

. said...

Love! Totally going to recreate this when I get home!

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Anonymous said...

Hi girl! I'm Virginia, I'm italian and i follow ur blog for a couple of months.. i've seen u've been in italy! Florence is wonderful.. btw i don't know if u've noticed in italy a store called kiko: there are tons of nail polish there which actually are cheap and nice!Hope u enjoy! Have a nice day and keep blogging! :D

Katie Mac said...

Nice color combination

Carolyn said...

What's the deal with Julep? Jane Park e-mailed me and called me on Friday 8/19 about my issues with Julep Maven. Asked me to call her back. I returned her call 1/2 hour later - Heard back from her 2 days later...she said she would call me when she got back fom her trip on Monday...well it is 8 days later and I have not heard a word. How do they expect to stay in business if this is how they treat their customers?? I once praised I will have to repost the above information on the blogs, vlogs and boards where I touted the program.

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