Friday, July 29, 2011

B's Guest: Katie of Being5

Can't believe how fast its gone but we're at our final guest post as well my trip is coming to an end. Back in Paris today to prepare for tomorrow's flight home back to Seattle. What a trip it was and can't wait to share more as I return. Though until then, meet Katie. We go way way back and when blogging finally brought us closer together I had to ask her to share with you! Her sarcasm and humor keeps you on edge because you never know what you're going to get. Here for example, she surprises me with a not so 'mommy blogger' post. Thanks Katie!

While B is off exploring Europe, I’m honored to spend some time here, contributing a guest post. Oh, how stressful guest posting is! It’s like hosting a party at someone else’s home or making another person’s recipe – you want it to be a perfect representation of who you are, but also want to be respectful of your hostess. Big pressure.

Since I am B’s favorite Mommy Blogger (oh, how that phrase makes me cringe), I suppose she was expecting something along those lines, so SURPRISE! No mommy talk here! Although, many of these pretty travel bags would also double as excellent diaper bags.

With travel on the mind, I scoured the shops for some great travel bags – perfect for any type of trip you have planned – from a business trip in Topeka, Kansas to a weekend getaway with your summer fling to a road trip in search of adventure, these bags will have you covered.

Personally, I have few trips on my summer agenda, including a week-long visit to see family with my kids and a long-weekend catching up with friends who will be in LA. Although I do happen to own a Halsea overnight bag, very similar to number one pictured above, I think that these trips are the perfect excuse to add to my luggage collection – don’t you agree?

Sending love from Seattle to Europe, B (and the entire B family!) – can’t wait to hear and read about your trip!

Katie of Being5.

bags pictured above – one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. .

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