Friday, February 01, 2013

B Favors

We could go into the long catch up of where I've been listing my excuses of why I haven't been blogging. But instead I prefer to just jump back into things that I love or in this case favor. Here is just a bit of what I've been wearing, loving, listening to, etc. And in return I hope you share what you've been favoring lately.

ONE | Neutral sweaters: It feels as if Winter should be over but I know it's not. In order to make good purchases but also keep myself warm, I'm investing in neutral sweaters that will still be classic for next season regardless of the trends. The T. Babaton Gene Sweater from Artizia has been a huge favorite that I can't stop wearing.

TWO | Deep cleaning: Beauty junkies love cleaning their face and I don't know what I was doing before Dermalogica's precleanse. You'd think putting an oil on your face would only clog the pores but ta da! That's the trick to bring dirt up before you go in with your cleanser. Addicted.

THREE | Hunter rainboots: Not much to say about these babies. Classic, so many colors and a Seattle essential.

FOUR | New tunes: Best part of music award season for me is watching Bruno Mars perform and I hope to see more of him. His new CD Unorthodox Jukebox has been on repeat as of lately.

FIVE | Gifts to yourself: I've always loved receiving great gifts from loved ones that I can remember for years to come. Though there comes a time unfortunately when some items have bad feelings attached. Giving myself a gift after heartbreak felt empowering and marked a time where I'm happy to be who I am. How better to do this than with a David Yurman Crossover Double X Ring?


Rachael said...

I have heard so many great things about cleansing oils - I am still dying to try one. Guess I'll give this one a go!

My favors of late also include Hunter boots (so cold here!), tea, Kit Kats, and loose waves in my hair.

Ariane said...

Dude, great picks! I tried a sample of the precleanse, but I need to try it for awhile, I think, to really see the benefits. Maybe I'll buy the travel size?

That sweater is like half off right now! Might get myself a little treat, though I live in Arizona, so sweater weather is pretty much over this month.

Sarah Saad said...

Sarah Saad said...

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