Wednesday, September 09, 2009

B Branded

We have seen the trend of monograms come in and out of fashion. From the beginning monogramming has been used to set your place in society. It was a royal signature, identifying rulers of the time. Now a days you can look anywhere and find many different types of monograms. Well I was little I went through a phase where I would want anything and everything that had a 'B' on it. Koozie, tote bags, rhinestone tattoos (remember those?!). I told you, anything and everything!

Though you can use the old ways of monogramming to make your pieces look for royal then they actually are. You can easily buy any white duvet comforter from Target or Bed Bath and Beyond then take the cover to a custom embroidery/printing shop where they will monogramm for sometimes less than $20! And Voila, your $30 cover looks custom made and expensive. No wonder those victorians used it for status, monograms are classic and surprisingly contemporary.

A few years ago the trend of initial charms also made an appearance. I love these initial charms because they are subtle and simply have your initial stamped in the middle of a circle gold coin. I bought mine from Diana Warner, family friends introduced her work to us and I've been obsessed ever since! With the initial charms you can also stack other initials whether it be your last name initial or maybe a loved one. For my best friend's 21st birthday I bought her a 'L' when I had bought my 'B'. Please get rid of your "Best Friends Forever" heart necklaces, this is 2009, not 1995.

Recently while flipping through the new September issue of InStyle magazine I came upon a new way of monograms around your neck. Jewelry designer Jennifer Zuener created a 3 initial pendant size necklace. I basically melted, how could you not? The necklace goes for $242 and can simply be made with your custom initials. InStyle also showed that Taylor Swift is a fan of the necklace now. Jennifer also has many different jewelry designs that integrate your initials in a modern way. Far from the days of royal signatures.

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