Friday, September 11, 2009

B Wrapped

When I moved into my house a few years ago, I cleverly put a towel rack over my closet door to hang scarves on but I have collected so many that I can barely shut my door! I have always loved scarves, in Jr. High I learned to knit and of course only really made my skills up to the scarf level which is pretty simple (if you're a knitter, don't judge me). I loved knitting and then wearing one of my own scarves. I got to pick out the yarn to match any outfit and whip it up just in a few days. But now scarves are such a hot commodity I don't need to do the hard labor anymore!

Just this morning I received an email update from Anthropologie about their new scarves for this season (I need to write a blog about how much I am in love with that store!). Anthropologie has so many different styles of scarves from delicate textures to strong bold colors. The great things about scarves is that they can make any simple outfit something to look at it. If I am not in a girly dress my first back up is jeans and a t-shirt, the perfect compliment for a great scarf. Scarves are also a great accessory to keep you warm if you are unsure about the weather. You can get away with a scarf and a tank top. If you aren't very warm at the moment just put it once around your neck simply but if inside it gets a little more chilly with the air conditioning simply switch up by threading the ends of the scarf into the hole that is created when the scarf is doubled. This will keep your neck warm and feel cozy.

As stated in another blog I am a big fan of ruffles this season which is why my major girly side fell in love with Anthropologie's ruffle squiggle scarf. The texture is so interesting you don't need a bright color to stand out. But when standing out is a must try Nordstom's peacock scarf. How did peacocks become such a hot fashion statement? That's one question I don't need answered because I am enthralled in everything peacock feathers. Bright turquoise is such a great compliment to all typical fall colors brown, beige, black and navy. So go back when scarves were nothing but something to keep your neck warm during the winter. Urban Outfitters has declared it the new necklace by making it one! If you are one who can't seem to tie a scarf right then no worries, this scarf is already perfected into a layered scarf for you. A scarf with many different colors gives you endless options for outfit pairings.

I remember the times when scarves didn't even have their own category on websites. They were typically underneath 'Accessories' and thats it. Now scarves have made their way to the big leagues and are their own category on retailers websites. You can always find new scarves for every season. Fall may be a bit thicker than Spring's but regardless there's no time like the present to be wrapped up in gorgeous accessories.

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