Saturday, September 12, 2009

B Magnetic

If you have kept up with my blog so far you may see a trend that shows that I like strong detailed pieces in my wardrobe. Every time you walk out of your closet you should feel confident to know that you are going to make a statement. Though its not always the pieces that make you bold, its your confidence. And your wardrobe should not be the only place you need to be bold. Be bold with your friends, school, work, your significant other. Being bold gives you a presence that people will be magnetized to.

I am magnetized to confident people who know what they want in life and obtain it in a classy manner (this is key). If you are magnetic then use this to your ability to influence others positively. And honestly I am going to lie if I don't admit fashion doesn't suck me in. Getting back to the original reason for this post, being bold in your wardrobe. I have already shown so many different things in my blog that are already my favorites for Fall and I can't help it to want more and more. There are such brilliant pieces coming out, it takes the right eye to find them.

Anthropologie does a great job at this task. Their pieces strictly follow by their statement that Anthropologie is
"Catering to the fashionable, educated and creative woman, we provide a unique product assortment that includes casual apparel and accessories, home furnishings and a diverse array of gifts and decorative items. Carefully designed and selected with an eye for craftsmanship and detail, our merchandise is offered in an inimitable environment, both online and in our stores." 
It is because of Anthropolgies great eye for unique items that they attracted a strong following.

Anthropologie is my first choice and last resort. I know that if I want to find something to stand out in, that is the place to go. This is a warning to all that this is not the last time you will hear me lift Anthropologie up and endorse this company. I buy and find so many unique treasures that help me to be bold and magnetize the positives I seek around me.

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