Thursday, September 24, 2009

B Patient

A wedding weekend requires many different outfits. Bridesmaid luncheon, family dinner, rehearsal dinner, and how many other activities the planning party has scheduled. I of course overpacked for the function but didn't feel completely satisfied about my options. So I made some new decisions by taking a trip downtown to where else but Anthropologie. Walking into the store I was only looking for something to wear to the casual dinner planned but came out with more pieces to mix into my fall wardrobe.

Color-blocking was encouraged by Vogue just a couple years ago in their september issue but has not disappeared. The above blue, gray and orange color block dress had delicate details near the top that brought your eyes directly to your beautiful face. Though unfortunately this dress has no pockets (current obsession) but you won't want to hide anything in this dress including your hands.

Pants, dresses, skirts, jeans, and now shorts are coming high waisted! It seems reversed to buy shorts for Fall but its all about structure when incorporating them for this season. Wool shorts are the best for warmth and hold tailored details. I was lucky to find a great pair of black high waisted wool shorts at Anthropologie with button details near the waist. I'm lucky to be in a warm climate still but if its getting chilly for you pairing the shorts in patterned dark tights will work. If adding tights, keep the top simple, v-neck tee is always a great stand by. All you need them is a cute pair of ballet flats and even a belt if wanted, again keep it simple. Tailored shorts are a classic, so keep them to their roots.

While we are keeping it classic, add a cardigan. Classic items turned trendy may be one of my favorite things to find. This cardigan found at Anthropologie contained some of my favorite colors for fall. It is a great addition to black skinny jeans and flats.

The best shopping trips are ones when you find items that turn on that lightbulb in your head. They inspire you to wear something everyone hasn't seen you in a hundred different times (all in different colors). I love it when I find one item in a store and a whole outfit appears in my head. Does that happen to everyone or just me? I am a shopper who doesn't dig, I go through racks kindly and wait for something to jump out at me. You ever notice how when you're desperate to find something it never happens? But if you are patient, you will find items perfect for fall that will help you switch it up from your same old routine.

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