Wednesday, September 23, 2009

B Sweet

There are different things that remind you of your childhood. It could be a movie, a tv show; or a special treat. For me, it's cupcakes. I want to know who made the rule that you stop bringing cupcakes to class after elementary school. 

It's amazing how fast the cupcake phenomenon has happened in the recent years. First it was coffee places on every corner, everyone was a barista. Next it was the health nuts who tried getting us off caffeine and pumped us full with smoothies. That ironically may have enough sugar to compete with the coffee. And now, it is cupcakes! No more traditional bakeries, everyone is specializing in your own personal cupcakes! 

Let's admit, cupcakes aren't that difficult to put together. There are millions of cupcake mixes that turn out the best little cakes! Go for Betty Crocker or even Sprinkles cupcakes has a great mix you can buy at Williams & Sonoma. The baking takes minimal effort so that you can take more time on presentation. You cannot supply cupcakes without a cupcake tower. This is a display must! Cupcakes are a great addition for any party birthday or not. Think of the convenience cupcakes supply. You put them in little cupcake tins so there is minmal cleaning and forget about cutting the cake and serving! Simplicity at it's finest. 

You can also find many different cookbooks about cupcakes and other treats that will trigger your memory. Try Sweetness written by Sarah Levy. It will appear in bookstores just next week so you'll have no more excuses. All your guests or whoever you hand a cupcake to will feel special that you thought of them in handing them a special little treat that can fit in the palm of their hand. 

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